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Rihanna Launching New Fragrance - Rogue

When it comes to fragrance I tend to try and forget about the brand name or celebrity behind it, I try to forget about any specific marketing types and PR stunts and judge the fragrance on three things; notes, packaging and price. 

First off the notes in this fragrance are Lemon Blossom, Cyclamen, Jasmine, Rose, Plum, Suede, Vanilla, Patchouli, Musk, Woody Notes and Amber. Overall it's described as being a woody, white floral and musky scent so it's either going to be a sexy scent or far too feminine for my personal tastes. It's all really down to how much amber, musk and patchouli they add. 

The packaging initially I hated. Remembering that I was basing my opinion on the bottle and box and not the brand I had the feeling of it looking a little outdated. It didn't zing in my opinion and it could have been far more glam/tough/rocker/sophisticated (which ever look Rihanna's going for at the release date) but instead it was just blase colours in a blase bottle. However, taking a pic at the image with JUST the bottle I changed my mind; see the bottle and box was a bit Poundland own brand for my liking but remembering how the bottle is what normally sits out, the banding of leather around the cap and the tough thick bottle did look chic - also the 3 little studs or stud like dents stood out much more without the box. I think my initial opinion was more so based on the box which does look old-fashioned. 

Finally it came down to price. Rogue by Rihanna is priced at £43 which is reasonable, especially considering it has amber, jasmine and patchouli notes which do tend to increase a perfumes price. 

Rogue is of course by mega-star Rihanna and this will bring her fragrance total to four scents. This one launches on October 24th at Selfridges although they are hosting an exclusive online pre-sale event on September 10th at 10am. 

If you want in on the action then I'd definitely recommend this based on those three principles rather than the branding which is also fab. You can check it out HERE on it's release. 

Will you be going Rogue? 


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