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River Island's Going Uptown Collection

I love River Island but find some collection can be aimed at younger girls rather than my age-range. I do think for my age I dress more mature than others, I don't show off my stomach and don't wear super short skirts (pregnancy wrecked me but I wouldn't change a thing) so do find I'm limited somewhat in my fashion choices. 

A good colour, cut or pattern attracts me instantly and I find I can't help but want this new collection. Termed the 'Going Uptown' collection it's definitely far superior to their Rihanna collection. Juicy brights have been teamed with chic monochrome tones to really give this a funky autumn-sophistication. 

Here are my top pics: 

What do you make of the new collection? Are there any stand-out pieces? I know for sure that the orange pieces will be mine - Mine I tell you! *muahahah*  You can check out the collection HERE


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