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Rococo Nails Lady of the Manor Collection

Inspired by elegant vintage country manors, fabrics such as tweed's and the forties you would think it's going to be pretty stand out in terms of autumnal collections. The range consists of four polishes in a high gloss creme formula that has become pretty synonymous with the Rococo brand. 

Normally I like to see some flow within a collection, a clear story or something that connects the first to the last but unfortunately I just didn't get it with this one?  it resembles either two collections brought together out of necessity or three polishes are so bang on trend and one is the oddball. 

Take a peek so you can see what I'm yapping about...

  • Pony Club - It resembles the perfect light grey here but it's actually described as a violet-grey?? so that's mauve then? either way the colour is gorgeous I have to admit. 
  • Thomson Blue - Who is Thomson and why is he blue? French styled chalky blue shade, another loveable polish. 
  • Lady of the Manor - The most seasonal shade out of the collection resembles a gorgeous warm russet. 
  • Social Butterfly - Did this social butterfly flit into the wrong collection? Although it's an absolutely gorgeous baby pink it just doesn't seem right in this collection does it? 

These are available just now and cost £12 each and are available at Space NK HERE. What do you think about this collection? am I just being cray-cray in thinking this doesn't fit. 'One of those bottles is not like the other....' (a song my sons sing at school *haha*)

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