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Sampar || Glamour Shot Eyes

I've been testing the Sampar Glamour Shot Eyes for a few weeks now and it's wonderful really, I adore all of the Sampar ranges, to be honest, so I knew that this would be a quality product that would offer some form of improvement and it did. 

It works by blurring the under-eye wrinkles and fine lines but the best part is that it's enriched with hyaluronic acid which offers long-term effects *yay* Kapow to those fine lines! - yep, I'm doing Charlie's Angel's style gun fingers. 

Here is my wand ammunition: 

The Glamour Shot formula contains an 'anti-oedematous' which in simplistic terms means it reduces swelling, inflammation and puffiness. Oat Extract provides a lifting effect, HQA Microlens gives the skin a soft focus effect by reflecting light. Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid targets wrinkles and fine lines from within and Urban Advance Complex acts as an anti-oxidant shield with the ability to neutralise pollution and other toxins. 

Basically, it's a bitching formula that works its butt off for your eye area. 

You can't get it wrong, you wash and moisturise as normal (if you use serums etc apply those). You then use the want to apply the product to the eye area and then gently tap your under-eye area to help the product absorb - once five minutes is up you can then apply your make up as normal. That's it. 

I've used so many products this year especially which target this area and yes the best one's always get blogged about but this one is way up there with the big boys. It costs £26 for 10ml which will last an absolute age. 

You can pick this up at Marks & Spencer's or in store lovelies. 


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  1. This looks really good - I may have to treat myself :)

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