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Seche Clever & Confident Collection

I adore Seche coloured polish I really do, ironically I was just talking about Seche to my beauty therapist (or beautician I forget, don't hate me G) Seche are one of those polish brands that are hard to describe, the formula is runny but amazing - it's because it's runny that makes it so amazing because as much as it's more fluid than other brands it has a heap of stuff that makes it grip the nail and remain rock hard and much more glossier than other high end brands. 

My original Seche polish review was posted HERE if you missed it. The latest collection is named 'Clever and Confident' I love that name, finally a collection with a great name. There are six polishes in the collection with only one being a shimmer finish. 

The colours are: 

  • Intuition - This is the only shimmery shade in the collection, it's a deep cheery pink with pink shimmer. 
  • Clever and Confident - Dark plum
  • Wonderfully Witty - Deep royal blue 
  • Versatile - Soft muddy green 
  • Silly But Sensible - Rusty orange 
  • Happy - this is the brightest shade and it's a vibrant fuchsia pink. 

Clever and Confident (left) is the most amazing shade of plum, it has a softness that other plums don't have. Seche polishes are super pigmented and just lush, I really have no other way of describing them and because I love them oh-so much I am popping this down as a wedding anniversary present *smiles* 

I'm not sure of the exact price but these normally retail around £8 to £9 and the bottles tend to be larger than other brands so they really are value for money.

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