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Kevin Murphy | Shimmer shine Hair Mist

Ooooh, it's shiny.... 

I love shiny things but no-one wants their hair to look OTT shiny. Kevin Murphy's Shimmer.Shine includes essential oils, bioflavonoids and vitamins which works to repair the hair while giving you a healthy shine without the oil slick look  which is so not cool.

Do you remember me talking about Immortelle and Baobab in my review of the Kevin Murphy Wash and Rinse? The Shimmer.Shine also contains these amazing antioxidants which work by adding elasticity to the hair, nourishing each strand and restoring the hair surface. 

Bamboo Extracts and Vitamins A, C and E are also included and are absorbed deep into the cortex. Bamboo contains mega amounts of silica which restore the effects of the hair leaving you with sleek, shiny hair that looks naturally healthy, lustrous and radiant. 

When you shake up this bottle it sparkles with the teeniest bits of gold, my initial worry was that I was going to look like I was heading to an eighties disco with that spray glitter type stuff in my hair (do you remember that stuff?) I needn't have worried because the particles are so fine and dainty that it was even hard to pick them up in the photo's I took; there are some teeny-weeny bits of gold on the tip of my finger if you look hard. 

I found the Shimmer.Shine definitely made my hair look shiny and healthy, you simply spray it onto wet hair and then dry and style as normal. I also didn't notice the gold sparkles to be honest which made me feel silly for even thinking my hair was going to be all 80's glittery. My hair is also naturally combination especially with it being flyaway, normally shine sprays are too heavy making my hair look greasy or lank but this didn't. There have only ever been about two or three shine sprays that have worked successfully on my hair including this one. 

This costs £19.95 and is available over on the Kevin Murphy website. 


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