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Shiseido AW13 Product Launches

I don't think I've tried any of the Shiseido beauty products but I've used their skincare, Shiseido's one of those brands that have a major following regardless of what they release. They've been around for so many years I doubt they're ever going to leave the beauty ranks. 

This autumn they have revealed that they're planning to release four new products with a variety of shade options. The products are: 

  • Luminising Satin Eye Colours (£35) - available in Lido, Into The Woods, and Nude. 
  • Eyebrow Styling Compact (£25) - available in Deep Brown, Medium Brown and Light Brown. 
  • Perfect Rouge (£22) - Available in ten shades; Dreamscape, Tulip, Showgirl, Pink Mesa, Salon, Day Lily, Bloom, Harmony, Titian, and Blush. 
  • Lacquer Rouge (£23.50) - Available in seven shades.

Are you a Shiseido fan? do you have any brand products that are your absolute favourites? The collection will be available in October at House of Frasers nationwide and online HERE


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