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Sjal Skincare | Science Meets Holistic Skincare

Sjal Skincare where have you been all my life? I recently came across Sjal when I was sent these lovelies goodies. You know how much I believe in taking care of our bases (internals and skin etc) and I really have a passion for good skincare so these were tested to the limits. 

First off Sjal has major celebrity clout with Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and Helena Christensen all being fans of the brand. I mean Angelina, Helena and Katie who doesn't want skin like those fabulous ladies? I know I do but then I do get suckered into the celeb world quite easily. 

Sjal integrates Ayurveda, Homoeopathic, Chinese and Vibrational medicine with cosmetic science. Science and holistic cosmetology coming together in the most perfect way - 100 exclusive and rare crystals are combined with natural, active ingredients and nano minerals which are found in gold, silver and platinum. Whether you believe in the healing power of crystals and gemstones, you cannot fail to see how well this brand performs on the skin when you use it. 

I was sent three products to test out as well as a few samples and here they are: 

The first product pictured above (the large box) is the Balans Deep Pore Cleanser. It's a cold cream type of cleanser which feels light and refreshing on the skin. It does clean the skin up nicely which I can tell from my grimy cotton pads (TMI I know). The cleanser contains pearl extract which brightens the skin and African Whitewood which reduces the sebum oils while minimising the appearance of those pesky pores. My skin felt fresh, clear and hydrated rather than that uncomfortable tight please moisturise me asap type of feeling I get with some cleansers.

Next up...

Sjal Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask Now this product is amazing I really can't express how well this performs. You need a teeny amount of product which you apply as a mask, the mask aims to calm, restore and firm the skin while also working to minimise pores also. I did see a difference straight away with this. My skin looked brighter, clearer and more youthful - I just wished it lasted forever. 

Ingredients include Chinese herbs, silk proteins, blue lotus to protect and calm the skin while increasing the uptake of C02. Also included is Copper peptide, gold, silver and platinum as well as GABA amino acids which also help the skin to firm and lift. The Blue Sapphire's suppose to help stimulate the pituitary gland also so this is especially beneficial for those with thyroid dysfunction or SAD disorder (apparently, of course, I'm no doctor). 

Oh, it also smells amazing - a hint of delicate flowers and marine freshness all rolled into one. 

Sjal Kura Intuitif is a gorgeous rich moisturiser that works to repair damaged skin. It's great for all skin types but especially good for dry or dehydrated skins as well as the delicate under-eye area. While this works exceptionally well as a rich moisturiser it also works by reducing hyper-pigmentation which I have slightly on my forehead. It has reduced since I started using this and I will continue on until this is finished to see if it gets rid of it completely - I'm pretty sure it will be too honest. 

There are fifty soothing, active ingredients including antioxidants, peptides, lipids, algae vitamins, super-moisturisers all working to soothe, tone and firm the deeper dermis rather than the outer epidermis. (Basically, it works deep into the skin working it's way outside rather than sitting on the outer layer doing not that much). 

Sjal Serum 1 samples and Sjal Face Oil

Serum 1 is the extra ammunition in your fight against bad skin. It contains no fillers, emulsifiers or nasties and is a great pre routine product. The face oil is made from a rare blend of essential oils and supra-3 which is an anti-ageing bio-active complex that's designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity and also plump and revitalise the skin. It's also called 'liquid silk' so you can imagine how it feels on the skin.

You can purchase the Sjal range from Harvey Nichols. 


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