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Smoked Damask Rose Candy by Hunter London

When it comes to home fragrance candles are my first choice every time  I've tried so many brands over the years trying to find candles that smell just as good as they do in the shop but on most occasions, they just smell like burnt wick rather than what they're fragrances with. This is always a letdown and a few years back I vowed to just save myself time and effort and stick to Yankee Candle. 

I adore Yankee Candle but there's a new company that has taken the top spot. Before you send over the Yankee lynch mob hear me out... 

Hunter London is a new brand on my radar. The candles are made here in the UK (support local guys) and they only use 100% natural waxes so when these babies burn you can rest assured there will be no petroleum and paraffin nasties floating around your home. 

The wax is made from soybean which allows the candle to burn for longer and cleaner than other types, the wicks are lead-free and the fragrances were created by Hunter London working closely with English perfume houses - am I holding your attention yet? 

So what makes this Hunter London candle better than Yankee I telepathically hear you ask? first off the fragrance is out of this world, I do really feel that the softer soybean wax plays a huge part in the fragrance being so strong and the essential oils stop this from smelling chemical and synthetic. 

The tumbler that it comes in is thick and heavy and screams sophistication, similar somewhat to the Diptyque candles. When I opened this candle up I could smell it straight away when I started burning this in the kitchen I could literally smell it five minutes later upstairs in my bedroom (another side of the house) and when it was snuffed out at my son's bedtime (I stay up until around 3 am every night but it was snuffed around 7.30pm) I could still smell it at full strength at 3am and subsequently when I woke up around 8-9am. I didn't once use any plug-ins or room refreshes, Febreeze or room sprays like normal because I didn't have to. My sons all loved waking up to a home that smelled gorgeous (their words).  Yankee candles have never had that sort of lasting power -EVER! 

The fragrance also really captured all five of us, it's a rose scent for sure and rose scents normally don't sit well with Hubster but 'this' rose scent has a grown-up quality and is definitely more of a unisex rose than a feminine rose. It's 'Smoked Damask Rose' and notes include Cedarwood, Guaiawood and Birch Tar oil. 

Hunter London candles cost £25 and are excellent value for money, think what you're going to save on cheap and nasty candles, room sprays and plug-ins. Think about how the design is going to complement any room in your home and how amazing would any of the candles be as gifts. 

I already have my eyes on the Warm Sweet Summer candle and hairy boy has said he will purchase it on Friday for our anniversary - he also said he wanted to get another one so it's really a win-win for all. 

You can check out their range over on The Natural Store The Natural Store


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  1. This sounds like something I'd love! Great review x

    1. Thank you lovely, honestly the scent of this candle is pure bliss. I've not come across any other company that makes a candle like this xx


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