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Spacells Sponge by Supracor

I received this in the post today, well actually Hubster got the post and proceeded to head upstairs waving it in his hand. I was surprised as I had no idea this would turn up so when I asked him 'oh who sent it?' he gave me the 'errrrr' no idea typeface and replied 'the company that made it?'. I later found out it's from Beauty Works West which is an amazing site that sells brands such as Supracor, RMS, Paul Yacomine (amazing brand) and Dr Bragi. 

Initially, I thought 'what the heck is it' I hadn't heard of this brand or this actual product before. Upon closer inspection, I thought it wasn't going to be anything special. It's shaped like a half hand mitt (fits about 3 or 4 fingers inside) and it's made from a honeycomb type material that's neither hard or super flimsy. It reminds me of toughened popped bubble wrap - kind of. 

So I thought it would just be pretty 'meh' but I am willing to give anything a shot in the journey to achieve flawless skin. I had an Indian face massage done last week and my skin's now going through the purge stage and I have red and white spots and a cyst in my chin, needless to say, my skin is being very naughty at the moment. 

I forgot to take a pic of the actual mitt (the packaging calls this a sponge but it's not spongelike), this is an image of it however taken from the net. 

On one side it's pink just like the picture, the other side it's clear like er, bubble wrap. The clear side is for general day-to-day cleansing especially for cleansing delicate areas such as the face. The pink side is slightly tougher and is suitable for everywhere else. 

I literally dry brushed my whole body using this mitt, including my lips which I have to say feel amazing. This mitt works so much better than my old trusty toothbrush, lip scrub or balm. I'm hoping it's going to decrease the amount of cellulite I have and apparently it lasts for around two years. 

I then moved onto actually washing my face with it and again it works like a charm. I had considered purchasing a Clarisonic but now I just don't see the point. The mitt can dry brush, massage, cleanse and do everything the Clarisonic does but with less financial output and less hassle overall. You simply do what you need to do, rinse and allow it to dry - that's it. 

Initially, I thought it would never withstand a whole vigorous body brushing and then a thorough face scrubbing. I presumed it would tear, pull or just get damaged somehow but miraculously this honeycomb material is tougher than old boots. 

I'm thoroughly raving about this! it has to be in my top five all-time favourite products and in my top two for 2013. You can pick this beaut up from Beauty Works West

It costs £12 which is fab given what it does and I think there's also the option of purchasing a three-pack of a black and clear version which is a bit less tough (great for sensitive skin types). 

*EDIT: I've broken out, this may seem scary but in fact, it's a positive action because it shows me the Spacells are actually clearing out my pores yay*


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