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Super Facialists Vitamin C Brightening Moisturiser

Did you know Vitamin C is beneficial for the body, hair and skin? of course you did but here's some of the ways in which it benefits our little bodies. 
  • It helps the skin to repair itself
  • It helps to produce collagen. 
  • Vit C gives the skin strength and firmness
  • It's an antioxidant
  • It slows down the rate of free radicals (unstable molecules) damage 
  • It reduces sunburn
I decided to put its claims to the test with my new Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Brightening Moisturiser. This product claims to make your skin more youthful, healthy, glowing and smoother within 3 weeks, couldn't really not try it when it had claims like that attached to it could I? 

Created by Una Brennan who is 'thee' best facialist and skincare specialist in the UK she decided to create these products based off her vast knowledge of ingredients and their benefits to the skin - really this product is what was created off the back of real passion. 

Basically you apply a small amount to the face as you would do any moisturiser, a little definitely goes a long way and I found that a 10p piece sized blob was enough to cover my whole face and neck area. It feels amazing on the skin and smells fresh but delicate - there's nothing worse than an overpowering scent in a cream is there? 

It's still a tad too early for me to give you my 3 week review but my skin definitely looks calmer since using this product, I'm not sure if it's down to having been ill or if it's down to this cream hence the reason I'm going to wait to give a final review. There's no negatives, it moisturises, smooths, applies and sinks in to the skin like a dream as well as smelling gorgeous. 

It's also is affordable at only £16.99 from Boots for the size you see above. I'm thinking of doing the one hand test to get definite results as to if this is amaze-balls (really hate that word but it fits in so well with what I'm trying to project). 

Here's the cream outside of the packaging...

The pump dispenser is also a huge plus in my opinion, it means that you never waste product as it pumps out the perfect amount every time. 

You can purchase the Super Facialist products over on the Boots website or in store, do you love natural ingredients or are you more of a chemical chicky?  


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