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Sweet Snuggles Chocolate & Vanilla Hands

It's the packaging dammit! 

Sweet Snuggles how could I not go 'awwwww, cute' and then ultimately write up a blog post. The colours, the name and the fragrance all drew me in hook line and sinker. 

This moisturising hand cream is scented with warm chocolate, crème caramel, and vanilla fudge - YUM. The tubes are 60ml's and will make fab additions in both adults and kids stocking, carried in handbags, school bags or on your dressing table.  

There are a few cute products in the Sweet Snuggles range including some bath treats, candles, blankets, cosy socks and a hot water bottle. This range is really cute and I so want a few things - take a peek. 

That pom-pom blanket and those cosy socks will be mine I tell you. 

Superdrug's have revealed that this little cutie will become available on October 2nd but they lied. It's actually available now and costs £2, the rest of the range varies from £2 to £12 and is so affordable it hurts. This would make a really fab little secret Santa, treat or stocking filler I'm thinking. You can check it out at Superdrug


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