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The £425 Gold Pill - What Does It Do?

It's said that gold is a good element for helping those with arthritis, neurological and heart issues as well as being used initially as a way of paying for goods (before money) Moving forward it became more of a decorative way to show your wealth. 

I love gold, I love a good necklace or bangle but I think I'm personally more suited to the cooler tones such as white gold or even silver. Gold does really play well with a gorgeous tan or a warm skin tone and it's one of those minerals that rarely causes a skin reaction unlike Silver or Titanium (yes it's a rare allergen). 

Imagine you have all of the jewellery you really need, you have your house all nice and you have a car you love. You really have everything so where do you go next? Would you purchase one of these pills at over £400 a pop? 

So what do these gold pills do and why are they available?  These are supposed to be the ideal gift for a [wo]man who has everything, they are the epitome of indulgence and as an art form, they represent the need for 'more' more gold, more riches and more indulgence. But then, in my opinion, it's not really an art object is it? especially when you find out what the other use is. 

These pills are made from real 24K gold leaf. The pill is a standard 200mm long and it is fully edible, the aim of this pill is to - make your poop gold! 

Oh so gross. 

This is like literally flushing money down the toilet.  

As strange as they are I do find myself intrigued enough to be blogging about them, to have done the research and of course to have tried to Google more on the brand which ultimately leads to me viewing gold poop shots - Gross! don't Google image guys. 

Want to check these gold poop pills out? You can do so over on the Citizen website HERE.


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