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The Body Shop Dragon Fruit Balm

I adore Dragon Fruit. When I was younger I adored fruit and veg, the weirder the better and my dad liked to make it his mission to find new and interesting types for me. I remember the first time he brought home a Sharon fruit, you would have thought it was Christmas! 

I remember when he first brought home a dragon fruit, we had no idea what it was called or even what it would taste like but I was completely mesmerised when he cut into it. Have you ever seen a dragon fruit cut in half? it's fuchsia skin with the contrasting white flesh inside and the black pips? it's so pretty - still to this day I adore the colours. 

While I normally wouldn't blog about something as little as a simple lip balm, especially when it's not a range I hold highly (I've found some of their flavours *some* to be quite chemical tasting and synthetic) but I couldn't not blog about this because it's dragon fruit! anything with dragon in the name has to be truly awesome right? 

Normally you see pineapple, strawberry, mango and even watermelon flavours but never dragon fruit. I know a ton of people who screw their face up and ask what a dragon fruit is so for The Body Shop to branch out into this flavour is brave - but a good brave in my opinion. 

The most amazing part about this lip balm is that 100% of the profits goes to charitable causes via The Body Shop Foundation; I'm completely on board with giving back and for The Body Shop to give back has put them clearly at the top of my radar once again. 

The charities that will benefit from the purchase of this lip balm are: 

  • Wild Futures - Wild Futures is a primate charity that rescue and provide sanctuary for damaged ex-pet monkeys while also educating people too *shakes fingers at Bieber* 

  • Erb's Palsy Group - Erb's offers support and advice to people with the condition. 

  • Book-Cycle - Book-Cycle plant trees to help encourage natural habitat for UK wildlife and creating libraries for children overseas. 

The lip balms cost £4 and I've heard on the grapevine that customers are given the option somehow of choosing which charity the money goes too (correct me if I'm wrong). I personally would choose Book-Cycle because children are my everything, helping them to educate and better themselves through knowledge is never-ever a bad thing, also helping the UK to increase it's habitable environment is super important. 

You can check out more about the foundation HERE and of course you can purchase the lip balm HERE on The Body Shop website. 

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