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The Dragonfly Collection by Ciate

Ciate have presented their Dragonfly collection and it's a good one lovelies. I really love the packaging on all of Ciate's bottles, that simple little bow makes you feel really special (or maybe it's just me that gets that feeling?) like you are worth that time and energy it takes to sticky dot that bow on to the bottle. 

It's simple things like that which impressed me as a consumer, secondly it's the colours and of course, the price and this collection ticks every box for me personally and I know a lot of other polish fans.  This collection launches next week exclusively at ASOS so I'd advise being q-u-i-c-k off the mark to get your hands on these bad boys. 

Priced at £9 each the collection consists of: 
  • Hidden Gem - Mustard 
  • Fly With Me - Holographic Green 
  • Encore - Rich Orange
  • Empress - Pearlescent Nude 
  • Tear Drop - Flecked Lilac Grey (or taupe as some like to call it)
  • She's Electric - Purple Blue Duo Type (on the left)
The seven polishes are inspired by the iridescence of dragonfly's and of course haute-couture style. Random inspirations but it work oh-so-well. Once available you can check these out at ASOS HERE or Ciate website HERE

Which is your favourite? I'm opting for She's Electric and Empress. 


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