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Time Bomb Take-Off Time Cleanser

I cannot believe I didn't publish this, honestly I really wish Blogger had a function so you could organise your draft posts into categories or even months. Anyhow I'm publishing now so apologies for the hold up as I had been boasting about the Time Bomb range over on Facebook but of course no-one actually saw my post *oops*

Time Bomb is the brain child of the one and only Lulu. 'Re-light my fire' 'Take-That collaborative singer' 'awesome Scottish lady' Yep that Lulu - nuff said really, moving on... 

This was the 125ml size and it has lasted me for months, you really only need a teeny amount to cover your face because it's not too thick like some cleansers or to dry like a lot of high street brands (won't name any names here). I find with dryer formula's you really need to apply more just to get enough product to smooth about your skin - that doesn't happen here as it's more like a silky smooth lotion/cream. 

Take-Off Time Cleanser sloughs away dead skin and unblocks those pores exceptionally well, what you may find is that after the first few uses you might break-out with a few spots as the skin tries to clear away any infection from the blackheads becoming unblocked. These will clear out don't worry and you're skin will thank you for it in the long run. 

I personally use it like a cleanser /mask in that I apply it moderately to my face and neck and chest (when I remember) leave it for ten to fifteen minutes to allow it to work it's magic; I then dampen my fingers and start to massage my face in circular motions to really cleanse away any blocked pores or stubborn dead skin cells and finally rinse away with tepid water. That's how I tend to use most of my facial cleansing products as it seems to work really well. 

There are two sizes available 30ml so you can trial it and the 125ml which I have which costs £15. Mine's nearly empty and I will be re-purchasing this for sure, I honestly didn't think the Time-Bomb brand would be anything to write home about but so far I've been so impressed with not only the performance but how long each product actually lasts. 

You can check it out over on the Time Bomb website HERE if you fancy it. 


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