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Top 5 Fave Pink & Nude Lippy's

You either love lipstick or you hate it. I use to be someone who simply didn't get the lipstick appeal but I really believed it was something that I'd grow into as I got older - after all, only grown ladies really wear lipstick don't they? That's the silly types of thoughts that use to run through my young mind but the reality was when we were younger, ladies did normally wear some type of lip product. 

It was rare to see anyone bare-faced or rocking neon fluorescent shadows and lash extensions, wasn't it? One thing that has remained throughout all of the years; even since cosmetics first became popular was lipstick. Lipstick gives fullness and youthfulness to the face, it can completely transform a drab outfit into something that looks classy and put together and it can either brighten your complexion or do the complete opposite. 

Lipstick used to scare the bejeezus out of me and I think in some way I kind of tried to sabotage my lipstick relationships by taking a drink after applying it (subconsciously), even now when I put on lip balm do I then go and drink something or eat something *grrr* it's a bad habit and one that I can't shake. 

Nudes and pinks for me were the only way I could ease myself into the amazing world of lippy, I've tried so many brands and shades that I can firmly say these five are the best low-cost lipsticks that I've tried. 

While I adore Benefit, YSL and MAC I wanted to stick to the lower brands which are ultimately what I always reach for. I really need to invest more in MAC there are so many shades I love but I am so indecisive that I always close the browser before checking out. Is anyone else this indecisive? 

So the five I reach for are from left to right: 

Dainty Doll 008 - This has a slightly mauve tinge but it applied creamy and is nude on. 

Susan Posnick Dubai - My all-time favourite lipstick ever! this is so creamy, has major lasting power and is the best nude even on my light skin tone. Apparently, it's also a fav with Kim Kardashian.

Sally Hansen Sunburst - Although this looks light pink on the lips it actually applies nude. It's so soft, creamy and glossy. 

Laura Paige Sherbet - I reviewed this lippy here, it's amazing and it was one of my infamous 99p purchases. 

Rimmel Pink Champagne - I purchased this time at the same time as my Dior Addict Lipstick in Pink Baby, the Rimmel, however, had longer-lasting power but wasn't as glossy. Let's just say a difference of around £20, I'm choosing lasting power over gloss every time. 

And here are the swatches...

Dainty Doll 008 / Susan Posnick Dubai / Sally Hansen Sunburst / Laura Paige Sherbet / Rimmel Pink Champagne 

Keeping in mind that my inside arm is as white as can be, these all have nude tendencies on the lips or a slight pink sheen, they all apply like a cream sheen and don't have any major shine, frost or shimmer - just the way I like it. 


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