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Top 5 Low Cost Pink & Purple Lippy's

Following on from my 'Top 5 pink and nude lippy's post' these five are my more colourful shades of purples and reds. There's another red lipstick by Nivea that I forgot to add and I'm kicking myself because it's the perfect blue undertoned red. 

It's this red...

So here are the five lippies...

Max Factor Duo in Red & Gold - You can wear this as a red on its own or you can wear it with the gold shimmer lipstick on top. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the gold on top as it can look slightly too old and outdated. 

Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Silver Purple - It's a rare shimmery frost lipstick but it's not ageing. For my skin tone, it looks nice on but I know this wouldn't look great on skin tones with warm undertones. 

Janet Fluorescent Purple - I reviewed this here, I adore it. It's so full of colour, creamy and glossy while only costing 99p. 

La Femme Moody Purple - I reviewed this genius lipstick here. It changes colour depending on your bodies PH. This tends to go pink to fuchsia on me. 

Maybelline Colour Sensation Pop stick in Pink Sugar - I didn't really like this when it first arrived (review here), it seemed quite hard and didn't really give any colour pay-off. I kept it because of how pretty it looks (it isn't actually orange, this is just the light shining through it) but now that it been broken in it's nice and balmy. It still offers only a hint of colour but sometimes a hint is just what you need. 

Here are the swatches... 
Max Factor / Maybelline / Janet / La Femme /  Maybelline 

You can see the variation quite clearly in this swatch pic, can't you? The La Femme actually turned out more vibrant after the picture was taken, due to it being colour-changing it does take a minute or so to really change to its full vibrancy. 

These are low-cost lipsticks while they're never going to be the best lipsticks ever; they are fabulous for their money and then some. Ironically it's the 99p lippy's that blow the other's out of the lippy ball-park so I'd definitely recommend them if you fancy taking a trip down the purple lippy lane. 


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  1. Cute! I love the red xx


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