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TransGenesis Creme by DMK

DMK UK will be launching their TransGenesis creme (cream) on September 14th. It's exciting because I've briefly heard of this over the last few months and it was the one product that I didn't know a huge amount about to get overly excited but I knew enough to love the concept, (Does that make sense? it really does in my head *haha*). 

This particular formulation has taken 40 years to perfect, that's pretty amazing huh? I just really wonder if those 40 years had been put to good use or if it's all hype? 

Its aims are to: 

  • Diminish Fine Lines
  • Improve Firmness
  • Improve Elasticity 
  • Maximise Lipid Content
  • Improve Radiance
  • Restore Youth and Radiance
  • Refine Pores
  • Increase Moisture Retention
  • Reduce Inflammation

Personally, it feels like this cream was made for my skin. I normally suffer from dullness, irregular skin tone, combi skin types, fine lines as doing so many ladies of all ages. I have to say that the packaging for this product is 100 times better than their classic packaging and I love the vivid green jar - you wouldn't miss this anyway, would you. 

You can check it out over on their website HERE


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