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Walking Update

A while back I blogged about keeping fit and how much I hate exercise - I really do with the exception of yoga. I sort of came to conclusion that walking may have been the best option given that I would walk our crazy puppy daily anyway as well as walking the kiddies to school etc. 

I wanted to give it a real chance to grow on me but did think it would be another exercise that I would hate. I think the whole 'exercise' word is what irks me, like people who go on a diet and then panic because they're on a 'diet' rather than changing their lifestyle. 

So, I've been walking, I've been walking most day and I actually really enjoy it. Say WHAT! I do I really look forward to getting out and about which is cray-cray talk for me - I've never enjoyed the whole out and about thing. 

There are 5 things that definitely helped me enjoy the process: 

  1. Walking Boots - As soon as I put on my girly pink Hi-Tec walking boots I feel ready to go. These have a cushioned ankle section which really supports my ankles and stops me from feeling tired. They're light on the feet but durable enough to walk in the woods without fear of kicking something that may hurt. They're also roomy enough to wear chunky socks - they do look larger (these are a size 4) than the size they actually are but when you pop them on you get that 'ahhh' moment. 
  2. Non-Fashionable Jacket - I wear my husbands jacket. It's a blue Next jacket and is looser, hooded and has those pulley things to really keep you dry when it's raining cats and dogs. I started off wearing my fashionable jackets but felt so constricted and uncomfortable. 
  3. Big Stick - Haha, I actually asked in my last post if anyone felt this was a wise option - the consensus said yes and the lovely Louise of My Family & Abruzzo blog said it's also fab for warding off stray dogs etc - Thank you Louise! 
  4. Snacks - Trail mix, nuts or even Fruitella (I know not so healthy huh) keep me going. With there being so many bugs and having been ill myself (damn you Scottish Water board) these really kept me from throwing up and chucking in the towel. 
  5. Water - A bottle of non Scottish Water water (water water lol). We had major water issues here which resulted in everyone in my post-code area falling ill, bottled water is fab for keeping you hydrated and energised.
I did have quite a few people Tweet and email asking where my boots were from, you can get these HERE and they come in two colours which are the pink and oat shades. I do wear these for normal wear and for walking (they're so damn comfortable). 

Is there any types of exercises you love or hate? Do you walk to keep fit? 


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