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Wild about Beauty AW13 Collection

Founded by the beautiful Louise Redknapp and Kim Jacob, Wild about Beauty will be launching their Autumn-Winter range on September 26th. This is another brand I was honestly unaware off, I'm seriously needing to step it up aren't I? 

Taking a peek at their wares over on their website I have to say it looks gorgeous. Their mattifying balm was also a contender for a CEW award, Louise was quoted as saying 

'I don’t believe the motivation behind this is vanity, more about the confidence you have when you feel good. When I first met Kim, shortly after having my first son Charley, I was suffering really badly from skin pigmentation. The products that Kim mixed and created herself alongside her 'less is more' approach to application made me look fresh and natural, like myself again.'

That quote is exactly what I think make-up should be like. Highlighting and benefiting what's already there, Wild About Beauty offer make-up that inspires confidence and looks so creamy and professional and overall expensive. 

The collection will consist of: 

  • Nutrilips Balm shades (£14) - Available in Hannah (deep berry plum) and Laura (coral). 
  • Eyeshadow Pencil Duos (£14.50) - Available in shades Kim (sea green) and Penny (aubergine)
  • Nutrilips Colour Lipstick with SPF 15 - Available in Cherrie (rosy red) and Caroline (dusky pink).
  • Long Lasting Varnishes - Available in Jake (aubergine), Benjamin (emerald), Michael (black) and Joe (taupe). 

You can check out the collections either on the Wild about Beauty website HERE


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