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Affordable Vivienne Westwood Bags... Yes Please!

We all dream of owning a coveted designer handbag, not those cheap and nasty fake LV bags or nasty fake Gucci's (don't ever buy fake guys, it's cheap and nasty I promise you), imagine my delight when I heard that Vivienne Westwood was collaborating with Cambridge Satchel Company, yes Christmas may have come early. 

The collaboration consists of three limited edition satchels that look classic, simple and stylish. It's all about the details with these bags and I can easily see each design being taken throughout all of 2014 seasons. 

Inspiration for the bags came from Westwood's infamous Pirate Boots which were first seen back in 1981. The bags marry together the typical Cambridge Satchel shape and design and the Westwood squiggle print which is printed of the softest leather and available in three colourways; yellow and black, brown with black and my favourite the red and brown which is the one pictured above. 

There are two sizes, 11'' and 14'' and prices start from £165. £165 for a Westwood! say what!! These designs will be available this month, I'm not sure of the exact date yet but this month guys. You can check these out either in Cambridge Satchel stores and online HERE.   


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