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Zatchels | Jacky Tsai Collaboration

Zatchels creators of the classic satchels have collaborated with Jacky Tsai. Jacky Tsai is a contemporary Chinese artist who does amazing things with a skull print, check out the portfolio HERE.  

The range includes the iconic satchels and the smaller saddlebags (which I adore), the range is a limited edition of course and prints include skulls, virus and petrol prints. I love-love-love the skull print - as soon as I saw this it's what made me think ' blog about it and do it quickly!' You really can't ever beat a good skull print can be especially when it comes in complimentary tones like this silver and black satchel above. 

Zatchels currently have a few bags that I have my eye on, here's my current little wishlist. 

1. Blue Elephant Print | 2. Hello Kitty Town | 3. Pastel Cream Leather | 4. Brown Distressed Leather | 5. Purple Metallic | 6. White Leather & Floral 

Prices for this collaboration range from £85 to £165 and the range will be available at the end of this month on the Zatchels website. If you can't wait though you can check out their other bags - I'm so in love with that purple metallic saddle bag as it would go with anything and everything wouldn't it? 

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