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Aqua Manda || RELAUNCHING!

Hippy Chicks rejoice!

Iconic Aqua Manda is being relaunched any day and  I am in fragrance heaven right now. I've blogged about this before and I've also spent far too much time trying to track down a bottle of the 70's edition, I even contemplated spending silly money on it over on eBay - like really silly money. I feel like a weight's been lifted because I can stop my search, save a lot of money and just wait now for it to go on sale. 

Here are the products that will be released with the new relaunch...
Chances are you've either heard of this brand or you haven't. If you're a seventies chick, a retro lover or someone who appreciates a good spicy oriental scent then you're going to know about it, or at least, should know about it. If you love sweet, delicately floral scents that are very feminine and light you may not want to know about this. 
Aqua Manda is actually a 40's fragrance that was relaunched in the 70s. Created by Christopher Collins, it became the scent of the '70s and reached incredible iconic status before eventually becoming discontinued. Collins is coming back as an advisor for the 2013 relaunch which is fantastic, I initially worried it would smell completely different but it really shouldn't with the original creator on board.  Another fab little thing is the packaging, they stayed true to the original print which I adore. 

I know it's not going to suit everyone but that print is gorgeous. I remember us having wallpaper like this in our kitchen-dining room area. The bottles also remind me of apothecary styled bottles which are far better as because perfume should be stored in the dark. These bottles should stop your perfume from going rancid or out of date more quickly. 

Notes include Citrus, Mandarin, Sweet Herbs, Coriander, Rosemary, Parsley Flower and Jasmine. As you can see there are a few product options from the 30ml purse spray (£27.50), 100ml fragrance (£39.99), 100g Body Powder (£14.50), Beauty Soap (£4.00) and the gift set (£39.99) which includes the purse spray, body powder and soap. 

What I'll say is that if you're purchasing the fragrances why not consider the gift set? it's value for money for sure. Will you be purchasing any of the Aqua Manda products? I really feel like I should do a major haul and stock up in case it ends up being discontinued once again. 

Once released you can check it out over on the Aqua Manda website. 

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  1. Never heard of this brand. Cute print idd!

  2. I wouldn't get too excited about Aqua Manda until you've tested it. I can honestly say I did not recognise the sample I tried as the Aqua Manda I loved as a teenager. There are a lot of very disappointed women of a certain age at the moment!

  3. I have to agree with Ellie-S. I sampled this new Aqua Manda, and was deeply disappointed. To say it is a pale imitation is to do imitation an injustice. This new kid on the block comes wearing Aqua manda clothing but is, in fact, more Apple Blossom from Granny's dressing table. Now, before anyone gets really upset and defensive, Apple Blossom was a great perfume. For grannies. And young girls. Aqua Manda original was zappy, fresh, spicy, free, sexy, sassy, unapologetically for wild young things and ladies who could still remember what it felt like to be a wild thing. I don't recognize the new AM at all. The Blurb says "original". The marketer says they made substitutions. So it's not original. Try before you buy. As a lover of perfume, (a subjective art, but art nonetheless), and a lover of Aqua Manda, I feel cheated, and ever so slightly violated by this new offering.

  4. I have sampled the 'new' version of Aqua Manda and it isn't Aqua Manda. Plain and simple. Initially there is a little hint of the original, but it's not concentrated mandarin with the warm hit of spice. It is insipid and weak with a chemical smell. When you put it on your skin the scent evaporates and leaves a faint powdery aroma. This is not the true Aqua Manda of my youth, it is a very poor imitation. The heady blast of of citrus and spice have all but gone. THis is not what ladies wanted and many will feel very let down.


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