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Black Chicken Balm of Ages

Balm of Ages.. are you thinking about Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages? I was when I first got hold of this. I suppose it can be the skincare equivalent of Tom Cruise (just go with me, I'm on a roll)  because it's small but potent *muahahaha* (Yes I'm a person who laughs at their own jokes). 

So moving on. The Black Chicken Balm of Ages is an all-purpose remedy that can be used for a ton of things. It's 100% natural and certified organic and smells gorgeous. 

You can see my grubby little fingerprint in the centre. The balm contains 19 ingredients including Lavender, Cajeput, Arnica, Calendula, Coconut Oil and Frankincense oil which is used for it's immune boosting spiritual and remedial qualities. 

The list of its uses include: 

Makeup remover, Foot Balm, Nappy Rash, Stretch Marks, Bruises, Dry Elbows, Shaving Rash,  Lip Conditioner, Sunburn, Chapped Skin, Eyebrow Tamer, Lash Conditioner, Spot Treatment, Under Eye Balm, Scarring, Split Ends, Cuticle Softener and Hair Tamer. 

So far I've used it on my spots, under-eye area, and cuticles. It definitely helped my spots they seemed to fade slightly the next day, my cuticles are soft so I've no idea if it benefited but I can say that the balm is nice and smooth - some tend to be grainy because in my opinion there are too many companies that use cocoa butter but don't use it correctly - if you mix it with other oils and heat it too much it will ALWAYS turn grainy when it hardens. 

The 75g tin is going to last a-long-time, it costs £32 and although this isn't a low-cost option it is a great product that's chocka-block with all natural healing ingredients. There's really no price you can put on good health and good skin. You can pick this up over on the Beauty Works West website HERE if you fancy it. 

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