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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: GlamGlow - Cure Sexy

I adore Glamglow plain and simple. I tested it out and blogged about it here if you missed it. Following on from the huge success of the original Youth Mud they have released a limited edition, pink Youth Mud to support Breast Cancer Awareness. 

This edition is called 'Cure Sexy' not sure why or who came up with that name I'm pretty sure cancer isn't 'sexy' so why would you need to 'cure sexy' - I'm so confused. An empowering, inspiring or anecdotal name would have been more apt I'm sure. 

Name aside the formulation of this face mud is amazing. Unlike others that claim to show results straight away, Glamglow actually follows through on their promise, with ingredients such as French sea clay, activated charcoal, green tea leaf, volcanic pumice rock and EGCG super antioxidants your skin's always going to show results. 

25% of the sale price goes helping Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity. I know some feel that 25% simple isn't enough but when you factor in Christmas shopping or if this is a product you planned to purchase at some point it really is better than nothing at all. It's never going to 'cure' cancer but hopefully by purchasing the product and discussing anything and everything pink, associated with Breast Cancer charities and of course purchasing it will make more people take notice; check their own breasts even or donate to this worthwhile cause. If you still don 't feel 25% is enough you can, of course, make an extra donation to a charity of your choice which I am doing this month alongside purchasing pink. 

You can check it out over on the Glamglow UK website HERE if you fancy it or even to stock up for Christmas. I promise it is simply amazing and is the best face mask and spot treatment I have ever tried (and I'm not being paid or given anything for saying so). 

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