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Brit-Stitch Launches 'Make your Own'

Brit-Stitch has been around for a few years and I suppose could be put into the same category as Cambridge Satchel and Zatchels in terms of products. What makes a company excel and what makes a company popular? for me personally, it comes down to a few things; excellent products are real prices, word of mouth, hype and offering something different. 

Cambridge Satchel and Zatchels are very similar in that their 'something different' tends to come in new collaborations, new prints and designs. I love both brands and I would literally be a satchel queen if money allowed it. 

Brit-Stitch, however, offers a different unique selling point. They have now offered consumers the choice of purchasing a pre-designed back or the ability to design your own colourway. Genius! 

Here are a couple of colourways that I designed. 

This is the 'Half Pint' bag and is the perfect casual bag for popping in your lippy, mobile, purse and keys. 
This is the Milkman similar to the Half Pint in terms of design but it's bigger. If you're someone who needs to take your diary, makeup, purse and bits and bobs with you, this is going to suit you more than the half bag. 

Of course, there are readily designed bags such as these gorgeous pastel bags. These include the Greyed Jade Milkman, Dusk Blue Full Pint, Chintz Rose Laptop, Chintz Rose Half Pint and Wax Lemon Mini Half Pint. 

Prices range from £42 and while these aren't Primark and New Look priced bags these are made from 100% leather, they are made with the best materials in the most awesome colours. The leather I've found ages exceptionally, the older it gets the better it looks so imagine what your leather bags will look like in ten, twenty and more years? 

You can check these out over on the spanking new Brit-Stitch website HERE


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