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Childs Farm || Bubble Bath for Buccaneers

Without sounds like a prissy momma bear I truly care what goes on and in my children's bodies. I am an overprotective parent to a flaw and when it comes to bugs and germs I am slightly (well OK I am) OCD in that it all scares the bejeezus out of me. When I hear my neighbours throwing up or coughing I simply can't sleep for fear of it coming through the walls *haha* I laugh but it's true and I know it's completely cray-cray, I'm dealing with it, though. 

So you know all about my cray-cray so you can imagine how tough I am on any product that is marketed towards children, I wouldn't just review any product on them because I'd hate for them to get a reaction; products I do tend to review are ones that have passed my mummy test. Ones that are gentle, contain amazing natural or nearly natural ingredients and aren't offensive to the eyes or nose. 

Childs Farm are based in the UK they create a range of fun and friendly products that are natural to little and large bodies. Their ingredients include coconut oil, argan oil, glycerin and natural essential oils. There are a few varied products in the brand repertoire such as hair and body wash, bubble baths, shampoo, conditioner and gift sets. Prices also range from £2.50 for 100ml products up to £15 for gift sets. 

I tried the bubble bath which is called the 'Bubble Bath For Buccaneers' it's aimed at boys but of course, can be used by boys or girls. It contains a sweet orange essential oil which smells absolutely gorgeous, my middle son Cooper couldn't stop sniffing it because he loved the scent. We use this as a bubble bath and also a body wash, it's the perfect consistency as a wash and because it's actually good for the skin there's no worry with causing rashes or drying of the skin. 

This costs £4.69 for a 250ml sized bottle, it's going to last a long time because it really does go a long way. Although this doesn't contain nasties such as Mineral oils, artificial colour, parabens, SLS and chemical fragrance it still lathers up very well - you're tub will be all frothy white and bubbly.  As much as this is marketed towards children I do feel this is a great product for those who are eco-friendly, have sensitive skins, those prone to allergies or people who simply want a good product that does the trick without ruining your skin. 

Stockists are varied throughout the UK, it looks like Ocado and John Lewis are stockists but you can check their stockist page to find local stockists too. You can also purchase directly from the Childs Farm website and they take Paypal too! 


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