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China Glaze Holiglaze Collection

The China Glaze Holiglaze collection contains twelve holiday-inspired shades. There are three finishes glitter, aluminium and textured. I'm not sold to be honest, while the colours are very pretty there seem to be quite a bit of metallic finishes. I adore the glitters, especially the glitters that are really topcoat glitter rather than the full coverage glitters. 

There are quite a few gift sets also which are so darned cute. Take a peek, let me know what you think.  

  • All Wrapped Up - Full coverage blue with glitter. 
  • Bells Will Be Blinging - Glitter finish blue.
  • Just Be Claws - Metallic red. 
  • Be Merry, Be Bright - Purple and blue glitter. 
  • Elfin Around - Metallic bronze-orange with glitter. 
  • Mingle With Kringle - Fine glittery and metallic. 

  • Put a Bow On It - Full coverage purple with glitter. 
  • So Blue Without You - Metallic blue. It's actually darker on the nail than it looks here.
  • This is Tree-Mendous - Full coverage glittery green. 
  • Santa Red My List - Metallic pink-red. 
  • There's Snow One Like You - Textured white finish, similar to liquid sand I suppose. 
  • Your Present Required - Blue, purple and silver glitter. 

  • Dash Of Dazzle Mini Gift Set - Includes Mingle With Kringle, Bells Will Be Blinging and So Blue Without You. 
  • Good Spirits Mini Gift Set - Includes free blue shot glass. Polish in Bells Will Be Blinging and Mingle With Kringle. 
  • Oh Joy Mini Set - Includes Just-Be-Claws, Santa Red My List, Your Present Required, So Blue Without You as well as a free Joy necklace. 
  • Be Merry Mini Gift Set - Includes Your Present Required, Just-Be-Claws, Santa Red My List and Put a Bow on it Be Merry, Be Bright. 
  • Sparkle All The Way Mini Gift Set - Includes mirrored compact and polish in Your Present is Required, Be Merry, Be Bright and Just Be Clause. 
  • Be Bright Mini Gift Set - Includes Your Present Required, Bells Will Be Blinging, Be Merry, Be Bright and Mingle With Kringle. 

Touch of Twinkle Mini Gift Set - Includes Just-Be-Claws, Be Merry, Be Bright and Santa Red My List. 

The press release states these are due for release in November but, I can see these available just now over on Amazon and Nail Polish Direct. Which shades are your favourite? Is this a collection you plan on buying into? 


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