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Dolce & Gabbana || Sicilian Jewels Collection

Purple lipstick. As much as I've tried to move on from my infatuation with the purple lippy's I can't *sobs* they just make me go weak, I am so weak. Moving on from my purple lipstick sob story I had to feature the new Dolce and Gabbana Sicilian Jewels Collection because of the sheer awesomeness and colour these products provide. 

I'm normally hit and miss with collections, I think that's what's good about seasonal releases is that there always tends to be something I like - a great collection will leave me wanting everything but that rarely happens. This collection, however, I want everything but the reality is I'm not sure I'm brave enough to pull off the green lipstick. 

The Sicilian Jewels Collection is their limited edition range for Christmas. It comprises of four lip colours and four nail polishes. Shades include Amethyst (bright purple), Emerald (green), Ruby (deep red) and Amber (amber-gold). The lip colours are all cream formula's that will leave you with a glossy creamy pop of colour. 

The packaging is pretty but I'm not completely sold on it yet. It feels slightly eighties to me somehow as it's packaged in a golden cylinder tube with a matching gemstone type top in the same colour as the lip colour that's inside. Here's an image... 

What do you make of the packaging? 

The collection will be available from Harrods on November the 1st, I'm guessing these are going to sell out fast, could you pull off these shades? 


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