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Frontcover's Sparkler Collection

FrontCover Cosmetics have revealed this little beaute - The Sparkler Collection. The collection contains three nail polishes, one iridescent glitter eye gel and three glitter and sequin pots. It really is a perfect little set for Christmas and party season especially if you love glitz and glam like I do. If you hate glitter, look away now. 

The nail polish colours are Violet Eyes (purple), Black Red (vampy red) and Old Gold (antique gold). The iridescent glitter eye gel has been specially formulated so that the loose glitter adheres to the eyelids so it can be worn without it dropping all over your face, it's never a good look when you have glitter drop down.  You can also use the glitter and sequins as another addition to your polish and overall manicure. 

The inside cover also shows a few suggestions so even if you're a make up novice this is going to be so easy to use. It will cost £18 and will be available from FrontCover Cosmetics website HERE.

Edit: This is no longer available.
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