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Gift Guide: 13 Laura Ashley Christmas Gifts £50 & Under

60 days until Christmas. This post marks the first in many mixed product gift guides, I know I mostly blog about beauty but beauty gifts aren't really going to suit everyone. For the next 60 or so days you will see products and companies on the blog that are great options to consider when you're doing your crimbo shopping. 

First up is Laura Ashley. The epitome of luxury in the UK (I feel). I love the classy personality that comes with Laura Ashley and when I was younger I use to dream of owning something from the store - when I first purchased a bedding set I felt sophisticated, upper class even if it was only for a short amount of time. 

I love how Laura Ashley offer a range of gifts that are suitable for everyone. This gift guide covers ladies and small girls. I hope you enjoy my top 13 products which are all £50 and under - go thrifty. 

  • Hydrangea Duck Egg Cake Stand (£40) - Cake stands always look chic and I can't get enough of them. Whether you have pretty cakes sitting on them or jewellery and gems in your bedroom these are a fab gift for all ladies. 
  • Pelham Candle (£20) - This looks expensive and really seasonal, I'd love to wake up to this. 
  • Bunny Print Fleece Robe (£20) - N'awwww right? this has the sweetness factor that any mummy or daddy will love to open for their little bambino. 
  • No 1 Hand Wash Duo Gift Set (£22) - A useful gift set that's suited to all ages, more maturer ladies will appreciate the classic design I feel. 
  • Patisserie Candle Gift Set (£16) - Perfect for the cake lover. Perfect wax sweets with no calories. 
  • Clarissa Mug (£10) - Mugs are always a great option. Try including some luxury coffee or tea, chocolates or handmade biscuits for the ultimate foody gift. 

Girls Red Wool Coat (£28.50) - How adorably cute is this little seasonal jacket. Most little girls faces will light up when they open this. 
Floral Print Frill Dress (£24) - A very pretty dress for the little girls in your life. 
Lizzy Blanket (£50) - I love luxurious comfort products such as this Lizzy Blanket. I would love to snuggle up to this with Hubster. 
Antique Map Cushion (£40) - I love this modern atlas print cushion, it's also unisex so is going to be suitable for a couple. Someone with a new home or a décor fanatic.  
Floral Corsage Ceramic Vase (£22) - Imagine this with some beautiful natural twigs in this or some baby pink roses. This looks amazing empty too.  
Rose Gold Mirrored Frame (£25) - A family photo, a pet for a pet lover or a child's hand print or drawing would look fantastic housed in this mirrored frame. 
Dinosaur Soft Toy (£20) - Both boys and girls love dinos don't they. Stegosaurus's are a huge hit in our household so I'm pretty sure this will be a hit for your giftee. 


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