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Glamglow Gift Set - Packaging Heaven!

I just found out that Glamglow had released this gift set for Christmas, I am in packaging heaven. Pink for ladies and blue for boys right? that's the normal standard for deciphering who's is who. Well, Glamglow has knocked that right on its head, why have two separate boxes when you can have a pink and blue box in the one package? 

Are you bamboozled yet? I urge you to watch this packaging in action... 

Amazing isn't it. I want to play with it. Inside each box, you will find two jars of product marketed as a 'his' and 'hers' set containing a Supermud and Youthmud, which you can split between you and your partner or just use yourself (I know I would). The gift set is called 'Gift Sexy' and it costs £49.99 saving you about £20 off the standard retail price. 

I love Christmas time. It means the best packaging, the best prices and value for money as well as limited editions being released. What do you make of this packaging and of course the Glamglow duo gift set? 

You can get your mitts on this by heading to the Glamglow website HERE


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