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Hey Hot Lips, Rock Your Red

Red lipstick the classic shade for ladies everywhere. Red suits everyone regardless of your skin tone, age or colouring. While it's become the norm to swipe on your favourite colour of red it used to be a huge no-no because it was believed that cool skin tones should only wear reds with blue undertones and warm skin tones only wear reds with orange undertones. 

While these rules do work especially if you're looking to improve your natural beauty they don't work for everyone as it comes down to your complete colouring and not just skin tone. It's become the norm for warm skin tones to pull off the deepest darkest blue undertone reds for that sexy Gothic pout just like Beyonce above. 

One person that it doesn't work for who I thought would be ideal for showing the differences is Zooey Deschanel. The images on the left and right are orange undertoned reds, the centre is a blue undertone red. The wrong colour can clearly dull down your overall shine, it ages and really does nothing other than providing that pop of colour we all look for. The orange tones on her cool complexion lift her skin, it makes her shine and gives off so much radiance it's cray-zee. 

So, how do you know what's right for you? Here's how you can find your perfect red. 

First off what colour is your hair? if you have a honey blonde, chestnut, orange, ginger-red, black with red undertones or light caramel brown shades your hair is warm. If you have platinum blonde, ash blonde, dark brown with no red undertones, black with blue undertones or even coloured hair like blue, purple or grey then you have cool colouring. 

Now on to your skin. This may sound strange but look at the veins on the inside of your wrist, are they more blue or green? if they're blue your cool toned if they're green you're warm. Also, when you're in the sun do you tend to burn or do you tan more often than not. If you're a tanner you're warm and if you burn you're cool. Finally when you hold gold and silver in your hand which suits you more? if you said gold again you're warm-toned and silver of course, is cool toned. 

Let's make it even more, confusing and throw in some eye-color just for kicks. If you're blue, blue-gray, grey or black your cool toned and colours such as green, green-grey, hazel and browns and warm. 

If you found your skin was warm, your eyes are warm and your wrists were cool but your hair was warm then you are going to be warm toned. It's OK to have a mixture of cool and warm tones - actually, it's completely normal to have mixed tones but you just take the majority tone to decide which suits you better. 

Take my picture for example. 

My skin tone is cool, my wrists are cool but my eyes and hair are warm. I found that I suit cool blue toned reds (as pictured above) but basing it on the old rules blue tones should not work for me and my cool skin tone. 
If you're cool these blue toned reds are going to be perfect and similarly these orange reds are chic for warm skin tones. 

So which are you? cool or warm? 


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  1. I always love wearing red lipstick, especially for special occasions. I definitely refer the deep red.


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