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How Australia Saved My Head...

'Hey Girl, I know you have an itchy head - here let me give you a hand'

Okies so Mr Kangaroo up there didn't physically give me a hand and to be perfectly honest, how freaking scary would it be coming into contact with this mangaroo? 

I recently tested out a new shampoo that was kindly sent for review. I tested it that night on myself and then my sons because I was so impressed with the scent, it's the ability to bubble up and how clean it left my hair. My sons also commented on its awesome mixed berry type scent and everything was peachy-pie. 

A few hours later my face was slightly itchy and it felt like the tides had turned and it had gone from combination to dry which it does from time to time. I applied some cream again and some lip balm and that was that... or so I thought. The next day I still felt itchy, I would itch at the front and then at the back, then my neck and then the crown - it was unbearable. I started to think 'have I got nits?' I literally scalped myself nearly checking for beasts (which I knew I didn't have as we do weekly lice checks with my sons being at school) but I couldn't figure out what was making me itch so badly. 

The next day I had to take an allergy tablet, it helped somewhat but wore off quickly. My sons were perfectly fine but I, on the other hand, had drawn blood somewhere on my scalp from itching. I spoke to my doctor who asked when it had started and had I started to use anything new within 24 hours of the symptoms. I realised that the only thing I had tried was that shampoo she asked me to check the ingredients because I tend to be a tad sensitive to certain levels of sulfides and sulfur type ingredients. I check and low and behold it had to have been the shampoo. 

I was still crazily itching the next day, I had rewashed my hair in between to really get rid of any shampoo residue and I had used a hair mask to try and ease the crazy itching, the next day I was still the same until it got to night time and I'd really had enough. I'd taken allergy tablets, checked for lice (there was none I promise), washed and then re-washed and treated my scalp but NOTHING was working. 

As I got out of the bath I went to apply my Mark Hill hair oil but instead realised that 'oh my face cream has tea-tree in it' It was a crazy thought but it was one I acted on, my hair was damp so I splurged a blob of face cream into the palm of my hand and ran it through my hair massaging my scalp - I really didn't care at that point if when I woke up my hair was a big greasy mess. 

Waking up in the morning I was nervous, I hate going out with greasy hair it makes me feel uncomfortable but looking in the mirror I was surprised to find my hair was all soft, shiny and bouncy! *yay* The best part since I have done this two days ago (having done it each night now) the itch went away quite literally within 20 minutes of applying the Australian Bodycare Face Cream! 

Who would have thought a face cream could work so amazingly in the hair of all places? It leaves my hair soft, manageable and it doesn't end up as frizzy or static midday (damn menopausal hot flushes) - have I found the new hair 'IT' product? I think so, I dare you all to try using this in your hair as you would your hair oil and see how much better your hair ends up when dry. 

So yes, Australia saved my head kind off. I will post the review of said shampoo tomorrow and if you missed my original review of the Australian Bodycare Face Cream you can find it - Australian Bodycare review.

My new BFF on the left. 

Have you ever used face cream in your hair? 


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