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Pin-Up Hair Staightening Kit | I'm Going Straight...

I was recently asked if I wanted to try out the home keratin straightening kit and having not heard of it I headed off to their site to read up on the product. As soon as I read up on the product I knew I was in. I couldn't wait to receive this to test it out. 

Keratin treatments and products seem to be very popular at the moment and rightly so. Keratin is a protein that's used in these treatments, they strengthen the hair leaving it healthier and more manageable for weeks to a few months at a time. Some salon's charge crazy money for this keratin or Brazilian blow dry's but if this kits any good it will save so much money in the long run and the most important, reduce the stress that comes from trying to manage my hair. 

This treatment is said to last up to six weeks and during those weeks your hair is supposed to stay smooth and straight with no frizz or crazy do's. Honestly, I will be forever hooked if this works at the weekend because at the moment my hair is driving me cray-cray. My hair is fine, flyaway and tends to get oily at the roots due to the amount of flying about it does. 

Even the littlest change in temperature or any amount of humidity and I'm a big frizzy mess - no joke. It's really started to get me down because I kind of feel like what's the point in even trying to make it look half decent? I spend a while in the morning doing my hair and most of the time it looks good, I feel good and I feel ready to take on the day. As soon as I get in the car it's ridiculously frizzy and resembles a birds nest. That then puts a major dampener on my day. 

I've read the instructions and it sounds easy peasy to do. You use the clarifying shampoo first on your hair as you would do any normal shampoo. Once washed you then apply the treatment and leave it for the allocated time, rinsing and then conditioning. Once you're out of the shower or bath you've to blow dry your hair so it's at least 90% dry and then you straighten your hair. 

It advises you not to wash your hair or get it really wet for at least 24 hours - I suppose to give the treatment some real time to work. My only worry at the moment is that it works great, then my hair gets mega oily within the 24-48 hours and after I wash it (remembering I can't do so for the 24-48 hours) it reverts back to its normal frizzy mess. I'm presuming that the longer you don't wash it for will mean the better chances it has of staying straight for longer? 

I'll be doing this on Saturday so I will do before and after's for you as well as weekly updates on how it's managing and if it lasts. If you fancy trying this out it only costs £6.99! this is an amazing price I feel for this treatment and if it lives up to its claims I will be stocking up for sure. 

You can check it out over on the Pin-Up website if you fancy going straight also. 


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