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Inglot Facial Toners Launching

Inglot is releasing a range of three toners that offer anti-ageing benefits to the skin, the formula's, of course, are all suited to various skin types too so there really is one to suit everyone. 

These have an American release date of today, there's no word if these will be hitting UK shores yet, I hope they do because I need toners in my life and the Inglot brand are simply amazing - I badly want to try them, any of them to be fair. 

The dry skin toner contains lily extracts to moisturise and rejuvenate the skin; black pearl extract is used in the normal skin to balance and brighten, and the toner for oily or combination skin includes ginkgo extract to reduce redness and mattify the skin. 

If you're in the US you can pick these up at Macy's for $18. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a UK debut. 


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