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Jacava London || Nail Polish Trio

Cappuccino Cream Clear Topcoat | Toffee Apple 

How perfect are these together as an autumn polish palette? I chose these colours because I have plenty letterbox reds, nudes, mauves, and grey are now but none that verged into the warmer pantones, I knew as soon as I saw these that I had to include them in my collection. 

These colours are by Jacava London. Jacava is the world's first company who offer non-toxic polish that is 8-free. This means they do not include DBP, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Toluene, Cellophane, Parabens, Phthalates, and Animal Ingredients. The polishes are vegan-friendly and they never test their products on animals - well done Jacava for doing it right! 

Here are the swatches...

Jacava is definitely a premium, high gloss polish brand which is British. You know where I stand when it comes to buying local and this is no exception. 

The darkened red polish is Toffee Apple. Toffee Apple resembles just that an American candied toffee apple,I love that they have named their polishes aptly. The creamy chocolate shade is Cappuccino Cream, the colour really didn't need any explanation did it because it really does resemble a creamy cappuccino or milky chocolate. The two colours even without the clear topcoat are super glossy. I specifically didn't apply the topcoat to the Toffee Apple shade to show you just how glossy the finished polish is. 

I tried to get my nail art on, I wanted to show you the way that I do the outline manicure. Using a normal nail polish brush it can be tough getting it perfectly, as you will see on the left the inner circle is irregular and it looks shoddy. The Toffee Apple and gold version (second left) looks much neater doesn't it? 

My tip... permanent markers - Sharpies to be exact. I got the tip from Pinterest last year and haven't looked back. You can build up your colours also and once the pen's dry simply apply your topcoat as normal. 

The nail studs were purchased from Ebay for 99p for 1000 (one fell off though-oops) and the nail sticker skull was from a nail sticker pack I purchased for a couple of pounds from H&M of all places. What do you think to these shades? Are you wearing seasonal polishes or do you just stick to your favourite colours regardless of colour? 

You can check out the range of Jacava London polishes either over on their website www.jacava.com  as well as over on Feel Unique. Polishes cost £14.50 including delivery and I have my eyes on their Chocolate Melts shade next. 

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