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Jane Iredale Puremoist Lipstick

I did say I was going to try some Jane Iredale products didn't I. I use to believe that Jane Iredale was targeted towards older ladies, the brand image seemed to be very dated and just didn't stand out enough to warrant me buying lots of items. When I have used the products in the past I always seem to be surprised at how well they perform it was because of that I decided to look past the packaging and really review the product on its performance alone. 

There are 24 new Pure Moist lipsticks in the range. These lippies contain antioxidants and smooth buttery formula and range from sheer to super pigmented finishes. The shade I have is 'Lily' and it's a sheer finish, here it is. 

At first glance it does look ageing, it does look like it's going to apply badly or show every single dry patch and flaw on the lips but I was so wrong, it glides along the lips adding colour where it's needed, moisture where it's needed and it has staying power. 

See what I mean, just ignore my horrid veins. With the lips being more of a pink shade this really does add a subtle hint of colour while making my lips look and feel awesome - it may sound big-headed but that's how much I love this shade. 

Another big positive is that it tastes amazing, sort of like mixed berries. It contains organic pomegranate and blackberry fruit extracts which is what makes up the flavouring. Other ingredients include vitamin A and C which protect, nourish and repair the delicate lip area and Coffee Seed Extract which helps boost them slightly. 

It just goes to show that you can't judge a lippy by its shade, can you? I just wished they would update their packaging... Jane Iredale if you ever need some packaging help to let me know.  You can pick these lipsticks up at  Feel Unique.


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