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Jane Iredale Supports Breast Cancer

Jane Iredale's a huge favourite among beauticians, make up artists and beauty therapists - I remember giving my cousin some Jane Iredale products that I had in my collection and her face literally light up (well not literally but you get my gist). She adores the brand and while the products are good I'm starting to think I've maybe just not connected with the brand, maybe the packaging? It did feel a little like an older brand than I was used to. 

If you're not fully clued up on the brand Jane Iredale are primarily a mineral cosmetics brand who create products without the use of fillers, fragrance, chemicals and synthetics. Ideal for all skin types and so much safer for too. 

I have decided to try again and put my packaging snob ways aside as I love PUR Minerals who basically create similar products but it's the packaging that differs. I also wanted to try the brand again since hearing that Jane Iredale will be supporting breast cancer by donating 100% of the net profits from the sale of their latest product - The Bright Future Limited Edition Eye Shadow Compact. 

The compact will be priced at £29.95 and includes an adorable mirrored compact, five long lasting highly pigmented eye-shadows and a travel-sized eye shadow brush on a chain. The chain is genius as it ensures it remains in your compact when you're out and about. How many times have you gone to use your compact to find there's no brush? I do it all the time because I go and use the brush for something else and forget to return it. 

The packaging is adorned with rose-coloured Swarovski crystal and it comes packaged in a decorative quilted paper box so it's the ideal gift for Christmas or Birthdays etc. 

You can pick this up just now over on the Jane Iredale website HERE if you fancy it. 

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