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Kiss-Air Candles Unveil Christmas Collection

At this time of year I spend more time in the house and ultimately end up buying more candles, normally Yankee but this year I have started to branch out into the wonderful world of wax. I came across these candles, they have great feedback and reviews online. The word on the street is that they burn nicely, offer a great fragrance throw and of course they're affordable. 

This month they release their Christmas offerings including tealights, wax melts, and tin can candles. Fragrances include Gingerbread, Spiced Cranberry, Christmas Tree, Orange & Clove, Candy Cane and my all time favourite Christmas scent - Frankincense and Myrrh. 

Of course if you need non-Christmas scents them the above candles are my top picks. Chocolate cake, Cinnamon, Soft Leather and Pomegranate & Fresh Mint which sounds amazingly fresh. 

You can check out the range over on their website www.kiss-air.com. Prices range from £4.75 up to £8.50 for tin candles.  

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