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Lanolips | Everyday Hand Baaa-lm (forgive the pun)

Lanolips, iconic lip balm company or what? Lanolin was once thought to be a big no-no and of course, I know vegans can't or won't use lanolin based products. Lanolin's molecular structure resembles that of human skin lipids, it also moisturises will providing a breathable layer which is uber important - the skin needs to breathe people. 

I love the Lanolips product packaging, it's always so simple but cute. This watercolour illustration is so my style that I can't throw the box out - it's so cutesy and feminine. 

This is the Everyday Hand Balm, it comes in a large 120ml tube and smells of rose. I love rose so can handle all strengths but this is quite delicate and smells like true rose rather than chemical rose. 

The cream has a balmy texture to it once it's been rubbed in, it's fantastic for hands but also for cuticles - may as well kill two birds with one stone and apply to the cuticles after each application. This costs £10.20 over at Boots but it's currently on 3 for 2 mix-and-match so you could receive this for free if you're purchasing two similarly priced products *yay* 


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