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Limited Edition Balmain Nail Couture Collection

This is one of those posts that requires very little writing and more time ogling the beautiful images. I introduce Balmain nails guys, this little; but entirely awesome-fantastic-ah,Mazey, daddy, doo,daa gift set is an excellent gift idea or treat idea for Christmas. 

The set includes 4 bottles. 3 polish colours and 1 matte topcoat. Here's a peek at those colours... 

Noir - Sleek, glossy black. Perfect for that polished but edgy look. 

Nude - The perfect beige and pink combo to leave you looking flawless day or night. 

Rouge - Classic red which is perfect for any occasion. 

Also included is the matte topcoat. The matte topcoat will turn your glossy polish into a soft velvety smooth colour. Excellent for applying to all of the nails except the tips - matte nail, glossy tips. 

Does the packaging and bottles remind you of the Nailberry packaging and colours? I posted about Nailberry here if you missed it. Just like Nailberry the formula of the polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde and camphor. 

This gift box will be released on October 20th exclusively from Beauty MART at Harvey Nichols and will cost £40. 


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