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Limited Edition Hand Treatment From Crème de la Mer

Creme de la Mer. The brand is the epitome of luxury, isn't it? I remember this being one of the most hyped beauty products when I was younger, all of the celebrities used it and it carried a hefty price tag even then. I remember yearning (yes I wanted this that much it calls for words like 'yearning') for this brand but thinking I'd never be able to afford it after all £100+ is like a million pounds when your young isn't it. 

I did get to try it a few years back and yes it was fantastic as a treat though because no-one I know could afford that price tag each month comfortably, as a treat though it's fantastic. Imagine my delight when I found out that Creme de la Mer were launching a limited edition hand treatment. 

The hand cream will be released this month and is being launched to support Breast Cancer Awareness. It comes in the original Creme de la Mer packaging but has been redesigned in a smaller 50ml size with pink accents. Creme de la Mer has now become an affordable treat as this product will cost £35 with £7 going straight to the charity, it's designed to target dry skin as well as the signs of ageing such as discolouration and age spots and has been formulated with nutrient-rich Miracle Broth which does sound like something on a lunch menu but long story short it's like hand food. 

I realise also that £35 for a hand cream can seem excessive, this is why I've stamped this as a Christmas Countdown approved product. Why not purchase this for gifting in December? Not only are you purchasing an amazing luxurious product that will be greatly received by all (I presume but you're money also donated to a worthwhile cause. 

You can check this out over on the Creme de la Mer website HERE


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