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Louboutin Goes Nude

You don't know how happy this Louboutin picture makes me, I'm all for equality and although I am not someone who has a darker skin tone I am someone who has a white-white skin tone which struggles to fit into what society feels a nude should be. 

It used to be before that 'nudes' were seen as being a creamy beige tone. Nothing more, nothing less; if you didn't fit into that shade then tough - if you did it was like a dream. Being able to truly wear a nude heel that lengthened your legs, went with everything in your wardrobe and any occasion. 

Louboutin the geniuses that they are have created an SS14 line that tackles the nude problem head-on. Five new shades to suit all skin tones from the lightest white to the darkest chocolate shades. Here's a peek at them... 

These come in five styles which is extra fab because not everyone wants a classic shoe with a major heel. Here are the styles: 

Pigelle - The Pigelle is a classic heel similar to the ones above but with a pointed toe.  
Fifi - The Fifi is the ones you see above. Classic heels with a rounded front. 
Simple Pump - Love the simple pump because it has a shorter stiletto heel. 
Flo - These are similar to the Pigelle but with a classic peep toe front. 
Vendome - The Vendome has a hidden platform with a classic peep toe front. 

What do you guys think of this concept? I'm hoping other brands follow suite and really consider all skin types when creating nude products. I do feel that if I am going to buy some nude shoes I would definitely save up and buy a simple pump; as a busy Mumma bear, I'm all over the simple pump because let's be fair working those major heel heights can't be good for your tootsies. 


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