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Lush's Limited Edition Cuties

I know you adore treats in the way of beauty and cosmetics, so do I. Does you little one enjoy them too? have you ever considered getting bath-time treats for your little ones from Santa? I personally had never considered it until last year. 

I mean yes I had purchased the odd bath bomb here and there but buying a specific set of luxury treats for my sons was never something that crossed my mind until they started to ask for those fizzy bath things. 

Last year I purchased some Lush goodies and wrapped them up in to 3 little packages, my sons couldn't wait to have their Christmas night bath and my middle son who adores fragrance of any type (he loves to sniff the sponge, so random I know - I blame hubster for his funky genes) kept veering back towards his Lush pile throughout the day, just so he could sniff it of course. 

So, this year I wanted to highlight some of the items I will be purchasing for my sons. I tend to buy the cute, kid friendly items rather than the boring spherical or overly-feminine bath bombs. All of these are also limited edition products specifically for Christmas time. 

My favourites are: 
  • Snow Man - Little white snowman with a red scarf he's so cute isn't he? This little fella is scented with the same vanilla scent as the Butterball bomb. 
  • The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar - If you love 'olive branch' products you'll love this. The scent includes orange flower absolute and mandarin oil. 
  • The Melting Snowman Bath Melt - Fragranced with 'hot toddy' scent which includes cinnamon, clove, benzoin, lime, and sweet orange. 
  • Bombardino - Orange with a meringue cap, this little cutie smells like lemon meringue pie. 
  • Father Christmas - Pink and white Mr. Clause who of course smells typically like Christmas even if he doesn't look conventional - Mandarin oil and orange flower absolute will get you into the crimbo spirit.  
I am also purchasing a few other bits for us to share as a family. We like to share things in our household, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant (so wrong isn't it), baths, food; you name it we share it. 

Snow Fairy really needs no introduction. It reminds me of sweet rock candy that use to come with a hint of glitter, it really was so pretty but apparently they've done away with the glitter *sobs* The second item is also in the limited edition Christmas range and it's the first time I've seen it - Rose Jam shower gel sounds so good and again the packaging, well the colour is what initially drew me in. 

Although these look pretty feminine my sons and Hubster love Snow Fairy, I've no idea what they will think of the rose jam but I'll use it up either way.  Seeing these cute little treats do you think your son or daughter's stocking will be full of Lush? 


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