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Must Read - Gwen Stefani & OPI Collaboration

At fourty-four years young Gwen Stefani is a rock goddess. I love her kookiness, her style and her overall look. I am so excited by her collaboration with OPI which is said to be an infusion of music and punk. 

The collection will consist of seven new limited edition nail polishes including a bold red signature lacquer - inspiration for this came from the iconic red lip that she tends to wear. Also in the collection is a semi-matte polish in gold and black with a satin finish and also a mirrored chrome which is paired with a special base coat - This is going to get some major hype in the run up believe me. Intrigued yet? I know I am especially the hush-hush mirrored chrome polish. 

Over And Over A-Gwen - Signature red lacquer which include Swarovski Elements
Hey Baby - When it comes to pinks, you're the 'bright' one for me. 
I Sing in Colour - The deep tones of this luscious blackberry hit all the right notes for me. 
Love.Angel.Music.Baby - This matte gold with satin sheen compliments all your passions. 
4 In The Morning - This dramatic satin black is a hit at all the after-parties. 
In True Stefani Fashion - Don't gotta be a hollaback girl to love this holographic silver glitter. 
Push and Shove - No description for this. It will come as 2 bottles, one is a base coat called 'Lay Down The Base' and the top coat 'should' leave your fingers looking like mirrors. 

Alongside the stand-alone polishes there will also be glitter pots, mini collections and a nail art kit or two including metallic nails studs and Swarovski Crystal Elements. Here's some of the 'elements' that's due to be included in the kits. 

The collection will be released in January 2014 so there's a bit of a wait *sorry* Prices will be the standard £11.50 each and they will be available in the usual online and offline stores.

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