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Ohh Deer || My Limited Edition Cushions Designs

I've said before that I have an interest, well more than an interest as I did take art in school then plan to be an interior designer. I then went to art school before having to leave due to having my own place and being able to survive. Even though I left art school I very much dabble in crafting and artistic hobbies such as drawing, illustration, watercolours and sewing. I love creating my own jewellery and I'll always remember the first full ring I ever made, it's one of those pieces I'll keep forever. I also like to create my own creams and lotions using herbal tinctures and essential oils. 

Over the years my artwork style has simplified. I use to feel that I could only be deemed a 'good' artist if I was the very best at re-creating lifelike images - I was wrong. I use to beat myself up about it so much and at one point gave up on art. Over the years I grew to feel comfortable in my own skin and along with that realisation I also felt comfortable with not being the best life artist, I then realised I was best off with pattern, colour and very simplistic pieces which I now have so much fun creating. 

You know my packaging snobbish ways and I think that purely comes down to a love of esthetics - colour and shapes inspire me in so many ways, colour can change my mood making me feel mellow, ambitious and confident. I like to try to recreate these 'moods' in my work and also in my latest designs for Ohh Deer

Here are my three cushion designs.  

Samhain, Halloween, geometrics and symbolism play a major part in my life at the moment. Triangles can be described as power points, stability and a strong foundation. They are also symbols for the elements such as earth, fire, air and water. I have actually got an appointment booked for a triangle tattoo to symbolise my earth affinity. The cats also symbolise independence, magic and mystery. The cats and the triangles some say are also very Egyptian but personally, it felt mysterious in a simplistic way. The monochrome palette means this is going to rock out in any decor setting and any room. 

The skulls *sigh* I love the skull designs. Rather than keeping them eery and masculine I wanted them to be pretty neutral. The 'Use Your Head' design is calm, soothing and muted whereas the 'Noggin' design is still within the cool palette but it's like a party on a pillow. 

I would love for my designs to be stocked by Ohh Deer and currently, they're only available as limited editions as apart of their Pillow Fight 2 competition. The cushions cost £24.95 (as do the other cushions on the site) and you can check them out on the links below. 

Noggin Use Your Head Familiar Magic 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on these designs? do you have a favourite one? 

Edit: These are no longer on sale due to being limited edition. 


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  2. These are amazing- skulls and cats, yes please, especially cats!

  3. These are fab Elyse, keep up the good work love the skulls how about something similar with owls would love to see that x


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