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My Red Eau de Parfum by Demi Moore For Oriflame

Packaging - Check, Fragrance notes - Check and Scent- Check. The My Red EDP fragrance by Oriflame ticks every box and smells lush, it's definitely an autumn scent as it's deep, rich and a little mysterious.  It's bold, glamorous  strong and magnetising just like Demi Moore who is the face of the perfume. Demi's known for her beauty, talent and her ability to ooze sex appeal making her a real femme fatale; I mean who else could have snagged the fine bundle of man that is Ashton Kutcher (although they're no longer together it still applies).

The bottle also is wow, it reminded me of a Weeble, you know those chubby people you played with at school 'Weebles, wobble but they don't fall down' The bottle is heavy, deep rich red and curved at the bottom. Here it is, 

My Red contains a very rare red jasmine note, red jasmine is symbolic for sensuality and the notions of attachment. The scent has real lasting power and I found it still lingered delicately even after having a bath. It resembles a bunch of wildflowers with an edge of deep woods in the background but dries down nicely to a powdery feminine floral scent. 

My Red costs £20.95 until November 9th and will then revert back to the normal RRP of £30.95 over on the Oriflame website. 


Statement: PR Sample

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