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Nail Care During Chemotherapy

While we come to the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month it's important to highlight that the cause should be something we consider throughout the year. 

We're told about periods, we're told about pregnancy and I remember saying that menopause just isn't talked about. No-one truly knows what to expect and the same goes for those going through cancer treatment - chemotherapy included. 

Making yourself informed on these subjects will ensure you're far more relaxed and able to tackle it head-on if you or anyone close to you have to go through this. While cancer care can be life and death treatment I know so many people who go through it feel a sense of loss, they no longer feel like themselves and it feels like cancer has truly taken over. Normally I don't post infographics but this one felt right. I know beauty is a materialistic thing to some but it can help improve moods and confidence and confidence makes you strong. 

If you're currently going through cancer treatment - stay strong. If you're currently in remission - I'm proud of you, you beat it! Love and hugs to everyone affected by this horrible disease. 


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